Visiting The Heaven on Earth Now

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is located in the far north of India, surrounded by three quarters by Pakistan and Tibet. It is a state located at high altitude, which is beautiful, especially the desert region of Ladakh. One does not come in this state to visit many monuments but to see many landscapes and to discover the important Tibetan community. This is one of the states you prefer. So here we share some practical information to help you organize your trip to swarg bhoomi kashmir.

Attention: The travel times mentioned below correspond to normal conditions of time and traffic. At the slightest incident on the road (egg landslide), you can easily add a few more hours; even wait until the next day to continue the route. So, unless you fly, plan a few days of margin in your schedule. “Contract carriage” mentioned on a vehicle means public transport of persons.

This article comes in addition to the one where I give you news of my visit to Jammu and Kashmir. We advise you to read it before to understand the following (including the names used).

Visit the Kashmir region

Visiting this region consists mainly of visiting Srinagar, located in a circus. It is on one of the 2 roads to go to Latah. This green region knows the monsoon; the population is predominantly Muslim and hyper-militarized (checkpoints for foreigners on the road).


It is a city that deserves a stop there, because there are beautiful things to visit. However, it is very touristy around the lake and you will be constantly bothered by touts. The competition is raging with regard to houseboats, which is an experience not to be missed: sleeping on the water. There is the right bank where luxury boats are located in front of a major road (yuk) or the cheap boats, hidden in a green corner of the left bank of the lake. The only disadvantage of the green corner is that you will be entitled to the prayer of the mosque, broadcast by loudspeaker, from 4am to 5am. Prices are public and fixed for luxury boats (displayed in the street) and around 300-500 rupees for cheap boats. So, do not book anything in advance, let the proposals come to you. Ah yes, to access the boats, you take the boat. The service is normally free when it is an employee of the boat that accompanies you.

    • To move around the lake, do not hesitate to take the shared jeeps.
    • You can visit the 6 zones with the same permit as long as it is not outdated and read the small lines at the bottom of the permit. Make photocopies of your permit, you will have to give copies at checkpoints (egg 2 for Unbar valley) and always keep a copy on you.
  • Even though there are several names on the license, each one has a copy and you have no obligation to travel together. It’s every man for himself (in my case, I’ve never met other members of my group).